Why should I support Ovarian Cancer Australia?

Ovarian Cancer Australia is an independent national organisation taking action for people affected by ovarian

Why host an Afternoon Teal?

Ovarian cancer has the lowest survival rate of any women’s cancer, well below the average for all cancers.
Treatments for this terrible disease have changed little since the 1970s and 75 per cent of women are
diagnosed at an advanced stage, often because they are unaware of the signs and symptoms of the disease.
At Ovarian Cancer Australia, we have a bold vision to reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer and improve the
survival rates. We need your help to achieve this. By hosting an Afternoon Teal, not only are you raising funds
for Ovarian Cancer Australia but you are raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of the disease.

Why is it called an Afternoon Teal?

Afternoon Teal is not only a play on words of afternoon tea, but a reflection of the international colour of ovarian cancer – teal.

Does my event have to be an afternoon tea?

No, your event can be anything you would like it to be. People hold golf days, gala dinners or even just bake sales. As long as you are supporting Ovarian Cancer Australia, your event is an Afternoon Teal. Check out our fundraising ideas for what your Afternoon Teal could be!

How do I fundraise?

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to go about fundraising. See the Tips & Tricks section for more

I would like to approach local businesses for sponsorship. Can you please provide me with a permission to fundraise?

Certainly. First, we will need to have a record of your fundraising in our system, so be sure to register your
event. Once you have received your fundraising link, please get in contact with our office by calling 1300 660
334 or emailing [email protected]

Can I fundraise outside of the month of February?

Although the Afternoon Teal campaign runs alongside Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month (OCAM), which is
February, you can fundraise for Ovarian Cancer Australia at any time.

Why do I have to register my event?

By registering your event, it means that we have a record of it and are able to provide you with our full

I registered my fundraiser online, but didn’t receive a fundraising link. Should I have?

Yes. If you haven’t received your fundraising link, please call 1300 660 334 or email.

How do I deposit the funds raised?

Funds can be deposited by:

Credit card
Use either your Online Fundraising Pledge Form or call 1300 660 334 to donate the funds raised via credit

Be sure to make the check out to Ovarian Cancer Australia, and include a note about who you are and what
event it was that you held. Send this to:
Ovarian Cancer Australia
Level 1, 210 Lonsdale Street
VIC 3000

Bank deposit or transfer
Pleasecontact usfor our banking details.

People who attended my event would like receipts. How do I organise for these?

People are entitled to a tax deductible receipt if their donation is over $2 and they haven’t received anything in return (e.g. a raffle ticket). To help us reduce costs associated with administration, we would greatly appreciate it if you could take a record of their full name, donation amount and then fill out your online fundraising pledge form. Contact our office on 1300 660 334 or email for your form.
Different to your fundraising page, the pledge form is an online form which you can use to deposit the funds raised at your event. Even if you don’t plan on donating the funds raised via credit card, this forms allows you to enter in the details of people who would like a tax deductible receipt for the donation they made to your event.

Can I please be sent a receipt book?

Unfortunately, Ovarian Cancer Australia is unable to provide receipt books. Rather, we suggest you use your online pledge form. Contact our office on 1300 660 334 or email us for yours.